Watch Us As We Build Our Home

The experience of building a new home from the ground up is nothing short of extraordinary. Dreams of a place to call home turn in to a search for the right location and the perfect floor plan for your way of life. Each step of construction is filled with the decisions you make as the workers labor to turn your dreams into a livable reality. This is the story of our home being constructed from Day 1.

Construction Site Breakdown

The Introduction

Section one, "Introduction", is a tour of our dream, the home site selection process and tips on what to look for in a building site or neighborhood.


Planning and Design

Section two, "Planning & Design", takes a quick look at choosing a floor plan and the elements that you can choose from at a builder's design center.

The Construction

The third section, "Construction Begins", is a comprehensive, day-by-day photo log and blog of the complete home construction process for our home. This begins with the foundation.

With so much at stake, and so many educated choices to make, my family has created "From Plat to Place" as a step-by-step guide and blog for the home construction process, from very beginning to the very end. Inside, you will find hundreds of high quality photographs and detailed information for each step along the way in an easy to follow format. Our site is constructed with the first time builder or student in mind, as we document modern home construction as it progressed throughout 2009. More than a simple guide on how to build a house, this site offers full commentary on the process and links to the manufacturers used in the construction of our house.

This site is organized in several sections corresponding to the phases of construction. Each section is filled with numbered slides for easy reference and accessible from the menu on the left side of the page. Each individual page includes great tips that we felt we needed to share along the way. Hopefully you find this super helpful.

You will read and see many insightful and revealing pieces of information that will help you understand the process of building a modern home.

We hope your find "From Plat to Place" educational, enlightening and a handy reference as you begin your journey to building your own dream house!


The Land






Framing Phase

Rough-in Phase

Drywall Phase

Interior Carpentry

Flat-work Phase

Paint & Stain

Finishing Phase